How to write a good meta description 2012 calendar

Use your meta description as a marketing message and ensure it communicates the value the user will get from coming to you. So think about the keywords you are targeting — which search terms do you hope to appear for? Pig Placement Network — this is a great example for a nonprofit.

How can we improve it? Now, you have spent some 4 minutes reading this article. The text is also usually visible on search engine results pages, which can help users make decisions about which results to choose.

How to Write a Meta Description Factors to consider Guidance Meta description length Meta descriptions can be any length, but search engines will truncate cut off anything longer than around characters. To get clicks, go ahead and tug a little bit.

Do you use meta descriptions on every area of your website? If your meta description is shorter than say characters or longer then — rewrite it to fit within the character range and see if it gets pulled.

The robots meta tag applies to all search engines, while the "googlebot" meta tag is specific to Google. Incorporate a clear call to action A clear call to action is more likely to elicit the response you want. Do not write meta descriptions that have nothing to do with your page content. The W3C recommends that this tag not be used.

This makes it is easy for web readers to scan the content and for search engines to understand the copy.

Create good titles and snippets in Search Results

It has pretty much been clarified by several sources that no, meta descriptions do not directly affect your website rank in the Google search results.

Match And Match, of all sites — this should be an easy one. Use your meta description as a marketing message and ensure it communicates the value the user will get from coming to you. You can see that when search results are returned it is an important piece of real estate that lies below the title of your page and the URL.

Is closely related to your blog post.Watch video · Make sure that every page on your site has a meta description. The HTML improvements page in Search Console lists pages where Google has detected missing or problematic meta descriptions. Differentiate the descriptions for different pages.

What are meta descriptions and keywords? Meta elements are tags used in the code of a site to provide metadata (literally, data about data) about a web page. Put simply, meta elements tell search engines (and you) what the page is about. The meta description is a description of your page.

How To Write A Meta Description That Gets Click-Throughs or not a result gets clicked on is one of Google’s and Bing’s first clues about whether any given result is a good match to a query. The meta description displays in the search engine results frequently enough to justify spending time writing a strong marketing message.

Even though it doesn’t display all the time, we would recommend a good description is well worth the effort to increase click through rates. Google’s Tips On How To Write A Good Meta Description.

The Google Webmaster Central Blog described what makes for a good meta description versus what makes for a bad meta description. Meta. A Meta description is a short, informational blurb that is shown to someone when they search for words through a search engine.

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A good Meta description will be at least characters in length. It should let the users know what information is going to be seen on each page.

How to write a good meta description 2012 calendar
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